Political instability can flare up quickly and cause serious physical and commercial danger. AMA is a leading third party assistance company dedicated to handling cases from high risk locations. Using advanced technology, with rapid and streamlined response to a crisis situation anywhere in the world. Crucially, AMA has Delegated Authority so it manage can manage claims and evacuations immediately.
Our global Political Evacuation service allows our clients to operate in the knowledge that, should the need arise, they will be extracted in a timely and efficient manner, with a high regard for personal safety. AMA has the capacity to track clients, inform them of developing local security situations and react immediately to any evacuation requirement through the client's own application enabled cell phone.
In the event an emergency situation occurs and you are in imminent danger while traveling in a foreign country, the travel insurance company will arrange for you and your insured dependents to be evacuated immediately to a place of safety.

Covered reasons for non medical, security or political evacuations include:

  • natural disasters
  • civil uprisings, military coups, or political unrest
  • identification as a persona non grata or being expelled from the country you are visiting

After the danger has cleared, you and your insured dependents will either be returned home or back to the destination from which you were evacuated. Coverage typically includes:
  • Flight arrangements
  • Securing visas
  • Logistical arrangements such as ground transportation and housing
  • Contact with the insured and messages relayed to loved ones

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